Monday, June 1, 2009

CruiseControl.NET 1.4.4 Final Released

CCNet 1.4.4 is released, you can read the release notes here. The most new items where already in RC1, but we ironed out more bugs in the final release.
Download from Sourceforge

Some highlights :

Dashboard administration

A new plugin has been added to simplify the maintenance of the dashboard. Dashboard Administration Plugin contains all the details on this new plugin.
Note: This plugin is not enabled by default, it will need to be manually configured in dashboard.config.

Statistics in FireFox 3

These graphs have now been fixed and work like they do in FireFox 2 or IE.

Gendarme and NDepend

These tools can now be used directly from CruiseControl.NET. Tasks have been added to call these external tools and integrate the results.

Hot swapping

Hot swapping has been enabled for both the console and the service. This allows the DLLs (but not the EXEs) to be updated while the application is running.


As well as miscellaneous fixes and improvements, the validator will now be installed as part of the standard server install. Additionally a stand-alone installer has been added to allow the validator to be installed on non-server machines.

More control on Source Control Exceptions

You have now more control on the behaviour when the source control has problems getting the modifications. Look at Project configuration for the following settings : maxSourceControlRetries, stopProjectOnReachingMaxSourceControlRetries and sourceControlErrorHandling.

SVN source control has a revert and clean option

This allows to remove locks of the working folder, so no manual intervention is needed for this.

The build publisher has its own cleaning

You can now set a clean behaviour on the build publisher, this should help to keep disk space usage under control.

Now we can all concentrate on the 1.5, which will have a truckload of changes. Read about the plans here. As you can see, there is already some stuff completed.

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