Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New site for CCNet

As you may have read, we moved away from Thoughtworks hosting to another server :

After years of good collaboration with Thoughtworks, it appeared that Thoughtworks had less resources to spent for CCNet.
This problem came painfully visible when their site was hacked with a virus. It took a long time for the help page to come back up, and the build server is still not up.

Some months ago we (the active members) decided to move the hosting to another server, so we would be less dependent on Thoughtworks. No hard feelings, it were great years of cooperation but time moved on.

The reason it took a few months to set everything up was due to lack of time of us. Communication could have been better, but we're all doing this (maintaining CCNet) in our own free time, without getting paid. Hopefully this downtime will not happen again.

The license of CCNet is still the same as it was before the move, we just moved the build server and the documentation site, everything else stays the same till further notice :-)
The move to the new site also has some plus points :

we can update / alter the site at any time.
there is 1 site for the wiki, bug reports and forum (before there was Jira and Confluence, no forum) meaning 1 user and password
a Linux build server is also up and running, meaning more Mono compatibility.
moved from svn to Git, which should make it a lot easier for people to contribute.
Chili has some options that Jira did not have : Calendar, Gantt chart, ....

Now lets get CCNet back in the picture, stay tuned for more news.

This server is provided by Daniel Nauck, so I owe him a lot for this !
Now we have a build server back :-)

It seems that the build is broken, so we need to fix that asap, and continue to update the new documentation wiki. When this is done, we can start to update CCNet like before.

Keeping you posted ...

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