Friday, September 11, 2009

Struggling with basic behaviour

Ran into some problems again :-(.
1) If I populate the listbox with lot's of items, let's say 200, it falls of the screen!
In winforms I would expect a scrollbar to appear, but not in my WPF app :-(. So I added a Scrollviewer around the listbox, but to no avail.
After looking around on the net, it appears that the stackpanel is at fault, my Listbox resides in a StackPanel, and this combination makes the items of the listbox to go beyond the window edge.
Solution : remove the stackpanel, this was not realy needed (yet) for my program, and when I do need a container control in the future, I'll use a grid

2) Standard a listbox does not support double-click
Surfs up : listbox double click. You have to manually add the event.

3) When I use the ItemContainerStyle in stead of the ItemTemplate, like said in the previous post, the listbox looses the ability to select items somehow. Go figure. If there is a soul out there, that can explain me the difference between ItemContainerStyle and ItemTemplate, please enlighten me.

Now these are the kind of things that drive me nuts when I am programming in WPF !
When coming from Windows Forms, I keep on stumbling on these basic stuff that is natively in windows forms, but not in WPF, I think I'll join the WPF Hate team, and stick to console and winforms. At least those work, no eye candy, but I can say it'll be finished in 2 days.

I mean it is easy to create Star Wars like stuff in WPF, but real working apps, that remains to be seen. Ok, there are a lot of showcases to be found on the Net, but I wonder how many devs and designers where put on those projects. Also read this page

laying off for a while, getting too angry ...

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