Friday, September 4, 2009

Wpf : learning new grounds

Part of my main job involves WPF, which I find hard to learn, coming from winforms and making mostly console utility apps (no events flying around). So I needed a pet project to learn this. I looked at CCNet, it has no WPF frontend, but that already exists, Cradiator aka BVC2, so another candidate had to be found.

A painpoint for me as developper on CCNet is to find items which have patches, our Jira Issue site has many search options, but that one is not provided. The good point is that there is a wsdl connection available to the issue tracker, which has this possibility ! An issue has an Attachements property, which is a list of strings, the filenames!
Basically all I need to do is get all open items, and filter out the ones where Attachements.Length != 0 .

The console version was finished in half an hour, the WPF, I'm still working on :-(
Details will follow in next posts. I'm also taking this project as a way to improve my knowledge of other items like patterns, refactoring, ...
And I want to do this project the 'WPF way', not winform like.

Do not worry, I'll keep working on CCNet to :-)

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