Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Buildscript Update

Today I had a problem with a certain program, and could not find an immediate solution. So I went for help to a colleague. He came, and the first thing he said was : 'Hey, you do not have Option Strict On'!. The bad thing was : he was right! How could I make such a stupid mistake? After fixing the first problem, I went looking into that Option Strict thing. Now it seems that Visual Studio sometimes saves this setting in the .suo file iso in the project file!

So in order to make sure all projects have this setting to on, I decided to make an extra task in our buildscripts : Before every compile scan all the projects for the setting Option Strict and Option Explicit. This is easy, from the top of the source, scan down all project files, and scan each of them for the involved string.

Now the fun part : I checked this in and got lots of email about me breaking the build! According to CCNet, it was me who broke all these builds. 50+ projects with these bad settings : AARGH
Another lesson learned : when you do stuff like this, foresee a way that it is filtered out using a filtertrigger on a specific username or so. So the people maintaining the projects get the mail on their next check-in ;-)

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