Thursday, February 12, 2009

Continous Installation observations

I set up a dashboard on a separate PC, so I can keep an eye on the situation on all the servers of the customers. This works, but I found a small issue : speed.
For the moment there are 20 servers installed, and they are all remote. And off course some of them do not have a fast connection :-(
I'll look in to some items to speed things back up. Things I encountered so far :
  • Changing the sort order seems to refetch all data, which is not needed
  • Navigating back from a buildserver in the farm grid, causes this grid to refetch the data slowing down navigation
  • when a second person also opens a browser on his pc, the data is again fetched

A fix for all this would be to cache the grid data at the server(dashboard) level, according to a setting controlling how long this data must be cached. This will improve the speed tremendously and lesson the burden on the network. The refresh data button will re-query all the buildsevers, and so update the information. A small remark here, when you use listeners,( extending the default detail data of the grid) the refresh button is sometimes placed off screen. Maybe a fix for this is to locate the refresh button at the left side of the screen.

When I have ironed out all the small stuff with the Continuous Installation setup, I'll make a post on that. I've encountered some things that could be usefull. Stay tuned for it .

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