Friday, February 6, 2009

Current Work load ...

Merging the security branch into the trunc :
The project admin said that there should be at least 2 people who know this part of the code, before it can be merged, so I've been busy the last week with the security mergure. This is a very big change to the code see the blog of Craig.

I hope to get this part done in the following days/week(s), so this great addition can be used by everybody, and the work is not lost. Later the other parts of the security branch will also be merged. The biggest problems I encountered :
  • very big changes in a long time frame(both in trunc and branch)
  • I never had any real intrest into security so the terminology used (roles, permissions, assertions, ...)was new and sometimes confusing
  • the security branch also has other functionality (translation, messaging), which is not fully finished yet
  • I never did a branch merge, so this was a challenge ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Still working on the merge :-(
    but the core seems to work now, and the dashboard is also running. A few minor issues are also fixed.
    After the dashboard, I'll tackle CCTray and the merge is done. Stay tuned ...