Thursday, January 22, 2009

CCNet 1.4.3 Release imminent

Release 1.4.3 of CCNet is near, Dave Cameron wants to release it near Feb 1.
A list of changes can be found here : Solved issues

Highlights :
° Lots of priorities in a queue can cause some of the lowers to never be checked
° New configuration element for task blocks: Description
° errors during getmodifications cause the build to fail
° Subversion Source Control should implement clean copy
° emailpublisher must have an LDAP converter for retrieving the email addresses
° Show the breakers of the build in the dashboard and CCTray
° email publisher customization

plus the usual bug fixes and so.

Dave also asked for a feature freeze now, and to test the current trunc as much as possible, so if there are people who want to help, please do and report any problems.
These can be reported via the issue list or via the user groups at google : ccnet-user or ccnet-devel.

So that means I won't be posting patches for a few days ;-)


  1. Dave just postponed the release to early March,
    due to the fact he's going on vacation tomorrow. (He can hardly get any days). Besides doing a release, and afterwards take a plane a and go God knows where is not nice. It's a pitty, but I understand his discission. On a positive note : this gives me 2 weeks more to merge the security ;-)

  2. soo... How is it going with the planned release?

  3. when there is no meteor strike or so, the release should be this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed ...