Monday, January 19, 2009

Small items to do

Here are some small items I plan on working on the next days :

This makes a more friendly build progress display
New configuration element for task blocks

Very handy if you've got lots of ccnet projects.
Tabbed view of projects

A bug in the queues, which is not nice
A queue's lockqueues attribute should allow a space to follow the comma between multiple queue names

As a side note : BVC has been forked at codeplex
BigVisibleCruise II

1 comment:

  1. Hello there,

    I have a ccnet.config file which uses my login details to a Accurev s

    Here is a example:

    C:\Program Files\AccuRev\bin\accurev.exe

    The problem is that the USERNAME and PASSWORD are stored as plain
    which is a real problem on a machine accessible by anyone working in
    the company.

    Is there a way I can encrypt the details in some way?
    I've tried the aspnetreg.exe method but it wouldn;t parse the value stored in the registry.
    i can try a batch file approach as in pre-login to accurev before my build task but that's not a right approach security wise as the values gets stored in build log files which can be read by user. testing dynamic parameters method but not sure if this works
    can u suggest anything regarding this issue please?