Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to contribute to CCNet

I think there are many people who use CCNet, but think : this feature should work like this, or it would be cool if CCNet had XYZ.

Many of these people find their way to the forums : CCNet-user, CCNet-devel
and most of these items also get on the todo list. But from a developer point of view, it would be nice to have patches ;-)
An issue with a patch on it, is likely to get more rapidly committed to the trunc, because (most) of the work is already done. In the next posts, I'm planning on explaining on how the more easy parts of the code work, so one can extend CCNet to suit their needs. This does NOT mean that you must supply your changes back to CCNet, but it would be nice ;-) The advantage of supplying the change : it is in the code, so when you upgrade your CCNet server, you do not have to re-patch your self.

Stuff I was planning on explaining in detail :
° writing a publisher (changing CCNet, and via a plugin)
° writing a task (changing CCNet, and via a plugin)

I think these are the parts that most users want to customize,
if there are others, feel free to inform me.

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